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The Past (I've stayed too long at the fair & The greatest performance of my life), 2018-19


presented at Centraal Museum Utrecht, Expoplu Nijmegen, This Art Fair and Palais de Tokyo

presentation at Expoplu Nijmegen in collaboration with Michael Kelley, Chaïm Dijkstra and Sander van Noort


"I wanted the music to play on forever

Have I stayed too long at the fair?

I wanted the clown to be constantly clever

Have I stayed too long at the fair?"

- The Past

"You never could have known

That I would be successful, yet so very much alone

I wanted to live in a carnival city

With laughter and love everywhere

I wanted my friends to be thrilling and witty"

- The Past


pictures by Chaïm Dijkstra and Bart Lunenburg