group show with Eva Hoonhout, Lily Lanfermeijer and Dan Adlešič at Fotopub festival 2018


pictures by Eva Hoonhout


'The exhibition Lost in Depiction takes its starting point in the notion of depicted space—a representation of our physical surroundings and at the same time a tool for constructing a narrative in the most general sense and context (realistic or fiction). Since our youngest age, we are surrounded by images of the depicted space; from villages and living rooms in children’s cartoons and picture books to old family photos to big commercial car campaigns. These images are a blend of fiction and reality and form an enormous archive of references and memories. So how do we perceive and experience the depicted space? As part of our reality or as a possibility for alteration or pure fiction? And how does it influence our daily lives? Using various visual tools, design and artistic methods, the project developed in a site-responsive manner; spatially, the exhibition builds on the particularities of an exhibition space, in this case, a vacant building, re-appropriated and re-contextualised. Taking in to account the tangible and intangible presence of the embodied history of the given space, the exhibition unfolds new possible spatial scenarios.'