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Floor show, or; A fictional Fluxus concert as an archeological site, 2019

installation with video and performance

result of a residency at Soulangh Artist Village Taiwan


Excerpt from The Jester of performance art, a conversation with Caz Egelie by Sophia Boosalis in The Courtauldian


"Sophia: What is the driving force behind your current work? Tell me about your interest in the role of the court jester from the Middle Ages.


Caz: In the final year of my fine arts bachelor, I noticed that I liked the idea of institution critique; however, ‘critique’ was not the right word. I wanted a kinda playful attitude in my critique of the institution. I felt the court jester is a historical figure who infiltrated the institutions; he was invited and welcomed to reflect critically on the institution in a playful manner. The role of the jester relates to what Grayson Perry said, ‘Nice rebellion! Welcome in!’ The older members of the art world encourage younger artists to challenge and rebel against the establishment. You must revolutionise and innovate the establishment in order to be ‘welcomed in.’ The role of the jester is to critique and sometimes shock the audience. There is this tension between the surface and the deeper meaning behind the critique of the jester."



A Bad Influence, 2019

The High Visitresse, 2019

She always brought her mice, 2019