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Dress rehearsal, 2019

installation and performances

presented at Garage Rotterdam


Excerpt from a text by Imke Ruigrok on the work of Caz Egelie in the show What if Women ruled the world?


"Caz Egelie mixes visual arts with popular culture, the online world with the physical, and brings together performer and audience. Using historical and art-historical references, along with playful remakes, he questions authenticity and the extent to which one can claim, copy and reproduce.

Unusual marriages are made in his work. Painting, graphic elements, objects, costumes and actors tumble over each other in performances and installations. Visual arts can expand boundaries, more so than in our everyday lives.


Objects become actors, elements that in his work have momentum, return, and are constantly developing. Those who look closely will see these are familiar shapes that return time after time in Egelie’s work, such as Brancusi’s Column, or the egg, a symbol of fertility and power as well as vulnerability."




pictures by Aad Hoogendoorn and Bas Czerwinski